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Multiple Tooth Replacement
Silverdale, WA

Woman smiling since having multiple tooth replacement at Peninsula Prosthodontics in Silverdale, WA

At Peninsula Prosthodontics we understand the difficulty that comes from missing teeth. There can be obstacles in chewing, it can negatively impact your smile, and the long term effects can be traumatic to your bone health. Many patients are unaware of the long-term effects, which can bone degeneration, facial collapse, bruxism following neighboring teeth shifting, the spread of infection to hard and soft tissue, and loss of even more teeth.

Thankfully, today there are a wide variety of options for the replacement of any number of missing teeth. We can discuss any of our many solutions available to you, and we are here to help you determine which one is right for you.

Dental Implant Restorations

Trying to replace missing teeth is a process that humans have attempted for thousands of years. Scientists have observed ancient deceased peoples with various materials inserted into their gums as a way to replace teeth. They have seen wood, metal, shell, and bamboo all used as ancient artificial teeth. It wasn’t the attempt that surprised scientists; it was the physical reaction of bone growing over the ancient devices that first clued them into that our body attempts to heal over the artificial tooth. The earliest attempts at dental implants proved to have some success. In the past century, doctors have determined the best materials and surgical placement for a healthy permanent long-term solution.

Today, we known that implant restorations, also known as dental implants, are the gold standard solution for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant is not a replacement tooth, but a titanium or ceramic post that is secured directly to the jawbone. Once the post and bone are healed, or fused together, we can then attach a variety of prosthetics to the post. Depending on the device being attached, you may require multiple implants.

Implant Secured Dentures

Dentures have come a long way in the last several decades, they do not have to be the same fussy, minimally helpful set your grandparents used. We can help you have dentures that look, feel and work much like your own natural teeth. Implant secured dentures are often placed in a same day procedure, meaning you can walk in with no healthy teeth and leave with a beautiful, surgically stabilized mouthful. Following a period of healing, having your denture secured in place with dental implants means you don’t have to adjust your diet, they will not be sores, and you can feel confident that they will stay in place.

We can discuss both removable and permanent implant retained denture options, but both options will provide you a much better fit than suction or adhesives alone.

Implant Secured Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a prosthetic device which consists of an artificial tooth and dental crowns on either end. The bridge is strategically placed in the empty pocket or pockets between either natural teeth or implants. The natural teeth or implants are referred to as posts, and they support the prosthetic, creating a metaphorical bridge that closes the once empty gap in your arch. This option can be great for people who are only missing a few teeth. This is often a great solution for patients with sporadic missing teeth improving their ability to chew and preventing neighboring teeth from moving out of alignment.

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