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Sinus Lift Surgery
Silverdale, WA

Oral surgery assistant reviewing x-rays with patient prior to sinus lift procedure at Peninsula ProsthodonticsA sinus lift, also referred to as a sinus augmentation, is a surgical treatment we perform to add bone to the upper jaw in the area above the premolars and molars. We add bone between your jaw and the maxillary sinuses on either side of the nose. This process is often done before surgical restoration using dental implants. Our staff at Peninsula Prosthodontics can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

At Peninsula Prosthodontics, we may recommend a sinus lift when there is insufficient bone available in the upper jaw, or for some patients, their oral structure may have the sinuses too close to the jaw before we can place dental implants to restore missing teeth.

Sinus lift surgery is for patients who:
•  Missing Teeth: Patients who have lost teeth in their upper jaw often require a sinus lift prior to the placement of dental implants to restore the missing teeth. The back of the upper jaw naturally has less available bone than the lower jaw, meaning that the rebuilding of bone in the upper jaw is much more common. Missing teeth often include some bone absorption or atrophy to the supporting jaw; we will need to bulk up and strengthen the bone before restoration.
•  Suffer from Chronic Periodontitis: Bone can be damaged and lost from the bacterial infection known as periodontitis or gum disease. Patients who suffer from it continuously, or chronically, can experience significant bone loss.
•  Maxillary Sinus Placement: Some patients natural face structure may have the placement of the sinuses too close to the upper jaw. Sinuses can enlarge as you get older, and they can vary in size and shape.

Sinus Lift Procedure

The sinus lift or augmentation, the procedure is the increase of bone material in the upper jaw. This is done through a bone graft procedure. The bone graft is the placement of bone material, we can get bone material from the patient, from a donated source, or from using a synthetic material. If we are using your bone material, the procedure will begin with collecting that resource, often from another area of your mouth.

The first step to any surgical procedure is ensuring your comfort. We will use a local anesthetic, though we also have nitrous oxide and conscious sedatives available. Once the patient is comfortable will begin by making a cut where your back teeth used to be. The tissue is opened, exposing the bone. We will create a small, oval window in the bone. We will then remove the membrane that lines the sinus separating your sinus from your jaw. We will place the tiny granules of bone-graft material into space where the sinus was. The amount of bone we place will vary depending on the need and work being done but is generally several millimeters of bone material.

With the bone material placed, we can then close the tissue with sutures. The patient is sent home to heal. The gum tissue will heal in a matter of days, but it can take several months for the new bone growth to occur. We will monitor and evaluate the bone following a period of healing. Once we see adequate bone, we can then proceed in the remainder of the restoration, often including the placement of a dental implant.

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